Sunday, 31 August 2014

Solo Twister display

Last weekend I saw my first ever live display by a Twister.

Pete was not flying as he was on his way to China to display.

As you will see Jon Gaudy puts on a masterful piece of flying despite the tricky blustery conditions.


Monday, 25 August 2014

Week 159 - Canopy part 4

Hours to date: 1401.0

Yes folks I am now past 1,400 hours.

Will I be true to my original guesstimate of completion in 1,500 hours? 

In a word, no.

I feel I may have another 600 to a 800 hours to go.

Progress has been made on the canopy but in the meantime I decided it was high time to try out the cockpit paint - so I had a go at the seat and baggage tray - as well as the inside of the frame of the canopy.

Two coats brushed on - one after the other - with the second coat being stippled on. Everything turned out well, so this bodes well for the cockpit.

I phoned Pete to ask about taking the play out of the emergency release pin. He told me exactly what I was thinking to do anyway which was good. Wax the pin then put runny flock around the hole. I used a small syringe to squirt the flock into the cavities - I can't imagine trying to do this any other way.

I've started fitting the counterweights to the ailerons too.

On the canopy I am waiting for a cobalt drill bit - 2mm - to drill the release pin for a roll pin that will lock the opening handle in place.

So while I wait for that to arrive I decided to fit the canopy to the fuselage. Actually it is the fuse that gets fitted to the canopy as that is where the material is added. In this case Micro.

We'll see how that turns out next time I post.

Seat painted

Baggage tray painted

Syringe with runny flock

Release pin with flock to take out play 
Ditto at the back

Aileron counterweights

Fitting canopy to fuse at the back

Fitting canopy to fuse at the front

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Two Lancasters

Nothing to do with the Twister I know but these two flew over our village the other day.

As they are the only two left in the world in flying condition I thought it too good not to share.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Week 157 - Canopy Part 3

Hours to date: 1378.5

Well, this canopy is taking a while isn't it.

I'm taking it quite slow as I don't want to screw up anything.

I'm quite enjoying the small, fine detail work required on this job. 

Also when it's done it will be something that's right in the pilot's 'eye' whilst sitting in the cockpit for long hours. So for me it would upsetting every time I looked at it if it was not done as well as I can do it.

Once the Opening side hinges were shaped to fit I superglued them in place.

After that 3 layers of thin glass were laid up over them, overlapping onto the frame itself.

Once set, the centre section is removed and used for the hinge part that is attached to the fuselage.

I made up some carbon blocks by supergluing some left over sheet together and sanding to shape. These are to support the hinges on the fuse.

I then filed some small trenches for them in the fuse and flocked these in place (with the canopy closed and clamped down - to set the position accurately).

After that another 3 layers of glass were applied and overlapped over the hinge part. 2 layers of Carbon was used to cover the rest of the holes made in the fuselage.

I made up some shaped blocks of foam to go on the carbon while it set - so that they took on the correct shape 'trench' like (obviously these were on top of the peel ply so they did not bond to the carbon).

Just a little more tidying up to do on the opening side and it will be done.

The frame itself is now almost done too with all the cavities finally filled.

The emergency release side is getting closer - hopefully I'll have that done by the next time I post.

Hinges shaped and fitted, just about to super glue them in place

After super gluing in place

3 layers of glass have been applied and marking show where the centre section is to be cut out.

With mechanism in place - works nicely.

Ditto at the back

Carbon 'blocks' made up to support the fuselage part of the hinges

Foam blocks taped in place to conform the carbon to shape.

Rear hinge - not too shabby

Some more finishing to be done here to make it perfect

It's a bit rude

What is believed to be the first such figure of it's kind, made in the sky over Cambridgeshire by the Twister Duo recently.