Monday, 21 July 2014

Week 155 - Canopy Part 2

Hours to date: 1359.5

Back from my hols now and getting on with the canopy.

When cutting out the hole for the release mechanism I managed to forget about the rudder cable guides and ended up nicking the side of one - not a big deal - I'll repair with with some tape, just as well I didn't cut through the whole thing!

The hinges on the emergency release side are on and all finished now - pretty pleased with how this turned out. Then I realised that the order of tasks Pete had told me to do was messed up. I should have bored out the holes for the release pin first then bonded in the hinges with the pins inside. Instead I'm having to do it the other way around.

Rather than work blind on boring out the holes for the pins I decided to drill a small hole in line with the hinge holes. This will be easily repaired afterwards with some flock.

Also a trench has to be gouged out to allow for the release mechanism.

Lots of work to get to this stage of just sorting out the pin holes - about 7 hours worth.

But it's done now and just needs a little tweaking to make the action smoother.

So I've switched back onto the opening side - and started to shape the hinges that will be bonded onto the canopy frame.

Hinges fitted to frame

Ditto - view from the outside

Small holes for alignment of the bore holes inside (for the release pin)

Pin bores and trench done for the release mechanism

Release mechanism in place

Finally getting there!

Onto the opening side now - sizing up the hinges for fitting to frame