Thursday, 29 November 2018

Aeros sequence card holder

Once I moved up to the Sport grade the number of figures even in a known sequence becomes too much to remember 'by heart' let alone an Unknown sequence, so I decided to make a sequence card holder.

I started off with a flat plate of carbon I had left over from another project and just made up an S shaped bracket out of raw carbon which I then bonded onto the back of the flat plate.

It utilises just one attachment point which is already on the aircraft, the top panel fixture screw.

I thought it may wobble about too much with vibration but once flying it is absolutely steady. 

The sequence card is held in place by 4 small bulldog clips - I also use two small pieces of duct tape in the centres but this is not really necessary.

A 'mark two' version of this would have a hinge on the bracket so you could raise up the holder to see the EFIS but for now I am happy to forgo seeing the EFIS for these short flights.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Formation FUUN

The other weekend I flew up to Great Massingham, which is a former RAF Base from WWII, to meet up with my mate James in his RV-6.

Some history here:

After a pub lunch at the brilliant Dabbling Duck we flew back in formation, trying out some formation loops which didn't work all that well. More practise required!

The Twister is too slippery in any kind of dive and soon runs away from the RV6.

Video of our formation fuun here:

Approaching Great Massingham village, airfield is to the top right.

Autumn is here.

James arrives in his RV-6 that he built 10 years ago.

Still from the video above.

Phone camera pic from James.

Eye Candy

I've been collating other people's photos of G-FUUN and these are some of the best I've found. Enjoy.

Taxiing in at Oshkosh after 'displaying'.

Taking off to fly one of two sequences in the contest in April.

Departing Sywell at the LAA Rally.

Taxiing to the 21 hold at Old Warden.

Landing at Peterborough Conington after flying a Sport class aerobatic sequence at the Nationals.

Warming up before departing Sywell at this years LAA Rally. The paint job looks it's best in the bright sunshine.

Still from a video taken at Oshkosh last year. Phillip Steinbach gets airborne in his Gamebird GB1 while us homebuilts wait our turn to display on the disused central taxiway.

Watching Sean D. Tucker display while we are made to hold on the taxiway after displaying at Oshkosh last year. Best seat in the house!
Departing Old Warden in January of this year to practise some aeros.