Monday, 27 April 2015

Week 194 - Engine install and long range fuel

Hours to date: 1784.75

As promised I am updating on the lower side of the fuse.

I've put in the fuel lines and pump for a long range tank. I won't be building the tank itself for another 2 years or so but while the lower panel is not on is the best time to integrate the hoses as to do this later would be a real pain access wise.

I don't intend to use this tank in the UK so it won't be an LAA mod. It will be for long range flights outside of the UK. The tank should hold at least 35 litres and give another 230 nm range. Working on a conservative 115 kts cruise and 17 litres per hour fuel burn this would give a total range of 707 nm. More than enough to cross the Atlantic (in hops). Yes folks one of the flights I plan to do in several years will be the pilgrimage to Oshkosh.

Back onto the engine.

So I'd painted the mount and when putting it back onto the firewall noticed it had been distorted by the welding. As you can imagine the air was blue in the garage for a while... It was out on the other side at the top to the previous fix. So I ended up having to yet again mod a firewall hole. I used a waxed bolt to keep the hole open and then squirted flock into the remaining space. This worked a treat and has given a good result.

As you'll see below I'm now getting on with the engine install. I'll stop writing now and let the pictures do the talking.

Getting nut plates sorted for the under fuse panel.

Long range tank - will go behind pilots seat.

Tee junction into return line to Port tank.

Non return valve just before that.

Fuel transfer pump, filter and quick release.

Overview of underside. and fuel line.

Contraption I made for doing up things on the firewall - access is limited due to my cell mod.

Ali guide for stainless ECU cover to come - this will be in 2 parts that overlap to seal the wiring hole.

Upholstery in situ. Looking pretty swish methinks!

Another contraption. This one is for holding the prop flange still while undoing the central bolt.

Engine mount out by 6mm after welding. F*@K!!!!!!!!

Bonding in Capacitor mounting posts and brackets.

Fixing the hole. Waxed bolt and flock squirted into the hole with a syringe.

Capacitor in place. Just got to do the wiring now and paint the rough bits.

Oil pressure line - engine end.

Oil pressure line all done - will be secured to another hose later.

Fuel lines all done and protected with Firesleeve.

Battery cables and other some other wiring done.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Week 193 - Painting

Hours to date: 1765.0

I had to wait another week for the welding to be done - but it's all painted now.

Would you believe I could not find a match for the grey that was on the engine mount so I had to sand the whole thing down and have gone for a silver, which looks quite smart.

As you can see I've made use of the fittings on the Oil/Air separator by using P-clips to secure the wiring.

I've done a fair bit of work on the underside and will update on that in my next post.

Looking forward to getting the engine back on this week.

Rectifier/Regulator cooling shroud and Oil/Air Separator both installed.

Firewall ready for the engine now.

Engine mount painted in silver.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I picked up the seat on Monday.

Overall I'm happy with the end result - a few little things are not exactly to my liking but the lower seat is great which is the main thing.

I'll have to give it a try out when I have the fuselage flipped back over (currently it's upside down).

Excuse the crappy photos they were taken with my iPhone.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Week 191 - Firewall, Fuel senders, Capacitor mount

Hours to date: 1749.5

The firewall is all but done now - except for the Oil/Air separator.

Behind the firewall I've done all the hoses - fuel and oil and made up the fuel hoses partly on the engine side.

The capacitor mount is now done - just got to bond in the composite screw posts that will hold it in place.

I finally got around to completing the fuel senders. The thing that was slowing me down was the confliction with the O-ring channel - I asked Pete about this and he says that he just cuts a thread into the plate for the top two bolts and has them flush on the inside. So that's what I did too. Just have to install and wire up these now - then calibrate when the fuel is in the tanks.

I've started back on some wiring too - the fuel pumps are now wired up.

Hopefully I will get the engine mount and other things back from the welders this week - then they can be painted and I can get the engine back on for good.

In the meantime I am working on the lower fuselage panel - which requires a little bit of fitting. When it is sorted I will put some nut plates on the brackets I bonded on earlier and sort out the nut plates for the oil cooler ducts.

Firewall all but done.

Laying up the capacitor mounting strap.

Fuel senders all done.

Top two bolts are flush to avoid the O-ring channel.

Capacitor mount before trimming. 6 layers of carbon used here.

On the capacitor

I'll be using these little brackets front and back to stop it moving.

Fuel hoses and ground lead from Battery all done.

Fuel pumps all wired up.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Propeller arrival

A nice surprise this morning as my Hercules prop arrived.

All good except that they forgot to put the crush plate in the package, so I'll have to contact them and get one sent over.

Arrives in big tube - 6' 4" tall.

After taking out of the tube.


With spinner and back plate for comparison.

This shows the washout nicely.

It's matt black on the back face. Gloss black and orange on the front.