Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Week 167 - Cockpit paint

Hours to date: 1498.5

Only another 1.5 hours to 1500!!!!!!

I'm nowhere near finishing - so my initial time estimate has gone out the window. In all honesty we are looking at another 800 hours and 1.5 years to first flight I think.

I've attached the canopy securing cable and all seems well. I'm not super confident that the attachment eye hooks are secure enough. I may have a chat to Pete and see what he thinks.

As far as position goes though I think it's pretty good - the cable naturally sits back behind the seat when the canopy is closed.

I've added a layer of glass to the front wing pin bearings micro area so that's all done now.

It was too windy to get the wings out on the weekend so I spent the time prepping the cockpit for painting.

Last night I spent 3 hours putting the first coat on.

One more coat to go - looking good so far.

Canopy securing cable in place

Canopy fully open - over centered nicely so shouldn't blow over in a gust of wind.

Closed position - with seat in the cable goes behind it.

Front wing pin bearing micro area now covered with a layer of glass

First coat of paint on (mostly!)

Looking forward

Monday, 13 October 2014

Week 166 - Canopy and Wing pin bearings

Hours to date: 1481.75

Yes folks we are still working on the canopy! But it's getting there...

Actually I have not made much progress over the last 2 weeks as I've had a stinker of a cold.

The good news is I finally got the starboard wing pin to fit so was able to do both the rear and front wing pin bearings on that side. As you can see the pin conflicted with the seat mounting block - this is even after I shortened the pin by about 10mm. It makes me wonder why it's so different to the Port side which easily clears the seat mounting block?

I also found out that I can fit the whole plane with one wing on in the garage with the door closed. This is so handy for leaving things to set in the warmth and security of the garage.

Onto the canopy. I've bought a carabiner (made of titanium!) as a way to attach the canopy securing cable - the safety clip listed in the manual was not included with my kit.

I've made a 10mm hole in the side of the cell - in the top of the baggage area and filled that with flock. When that has set I'll screw the eye hook into it.

I've spent many more hours applying filler and sanding on the canopy - it's now looking very good with a smooth transition from the fuse to the perspex.

Hopefully if we get some good weather next weekend I can get onto finishing the flap drive.

Canopy to frame before filling


Starboard wing pin finally in! Note confliction with seat mount block

Garage is big enough to have one wing on and door closed - leaving the wing pin bearings to set here

Titanium carabiner on fuse side of canopy securing cable

Starting to get there with the perspex to fuse transition

Ditto at the back

Overall view

Front wing pin bearing before tidy up