Monday, 18 July 2011

Factory update

Well, the kit is almost ready to be collected...

I emailed the factory and got a reply from Matthias that it will be ready for pickup this Friday (22nd July).

Unfortunately I am going to be away in Sweden and Finland then (hanging out with my mate in Stockholm and watching the 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland) for the next week.

So the date for picking up the kit will be Saturday August 6th.

Will do a post of the 'Road Trip' when I get back.

Twister in Flight Simulator (soon)

I came across this over the weekend.

An Australian based company that makes very high quality add-ons for Flight Simulator.

Looks like they are almost finished with building the Twister model - still lots more to do though with making sure the flight characteristics are accurate and I guess there will be several paint jobs available with the package.

This will be an excellent way to test out any paint job designs first to make sure they look good from all angles.

Lots more images on Facebook here:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Workshop update

Finally finished building the workbench.

I was out of action for a few weeks with a suspected broken wrist - turned out to be a ruptured ligament which is almost fully healed now. (Got hit by a Volvo whilst cycling home from work and did some low flying before smacking into the pavement - they say that low flying is dangerous and now I know why).

Also put some storage shelves up on one wall and in the space behind the workbench.

Starting to get organised now. About 2 weeks till I go pick up the kit.


Today is Monday.

Monday is iCandy day.

Pete Wells and Guy Westgate are the Twister Duo and they really know how to put on a show.