Thursday, 29 November 2018

Aeros sequence card holder

Once I moved up to the Sport grade the number of figures even in a known sequence becomes too much to remember 'by heart' let alone an Unknown sequence, so I decided to make a sequence card holder.

I started off with a flat plate of carbon I had left over from another project and just made up an S shaped bracket out of raw carbon which I then bonded onto the back of the flat plate.

It utilises just one attachment point which is already on the aircraft, the top panel fixture screw.

I thought it may wobble about too much with vibration but once flying it is absolutely steady. 

The sequence card is held in place by 4 small bulldog clips - I also use two small pieces of duct tape in the centres but this is not really necessary.

A 'mark two' version of this would have a hinge on the bracket so you could raise up the holder to see the EFIS but for now I am happy to forgo seeing the EFIS for these short flights.

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